The second decade of the 21st was about to begin when the first “daredevils” who immersed themselves in this particular configuration appeared in the underwater panorama.

 ALL STOP ….. I know that among you there are those that already in the 80’s used the English configuration and all its derivations, but I’m talking about a phenomenon worthy of being considered by the diving community and not just by one small group of daring explorers.

We have always paid particular attention to the “novelties”, it was therefore inevitable that the phenomenon would not arouse the right interest. I remember that around the end of 2011 I sat at the drawing board to sketch the first ideas aimed at creating a side-mount harness.

The first experiments were born by combining a harness back to which were mounted the rubber bands to grab the tap of the cylinders … a solution that guaranteed an extension of product that could be used indifferently for the back and the side ….This solution did not go beyond the realization of the prototype, which was devoid of character, poorly hydrodynamic and essentially proved to be a product for the “non-convinced”.

Around the middle of 2012, after months of drawings, prototypes and tests, an absolutely dedicated harness with a diamond-shaped wing came to light … (I really thought of calling it DIAMOND), I was convinced that I was going along the road right. I asked some Italian sidemounters, those who stood out at that time to test it and give me their impressions, among these only one struck me for what he said, I don’t remember the right words but they sounded more or less like this: The product is beautiful but does not say nothing new and then again we would need blah blah blah … Stop there! I said, we have to meet.

 That sidemounter was Nicola Ferroni and from that meeting began a partnership that gave light to what today is considered one of the best sidemount harnesses in the world. (I know well that someone will turn up their noses and think that there is a pinch of presumption but … try to understand.) It took another year of  development and hundreds of tests to reach what, in our opinion, is a versatile product that adapts to all configurations, a product that expresses its personality, a design and exceptional accuracy in manufacturing: AN “ITALIAN” PRODUCT.

But there was still a name missing, something that identified the peculiarities of the product, something that remains imprinted, something that gives the idea of power, versatility, adaptability, something that is not of this World: ALIEN.

Today our system is widely recognized as a product of high quality and versatility, those who try it hardly remain positively affected.


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