BCDs have represented the CORE BUSINESS of our company for years. We prefer the models that are inspired by the Hogarthian philosophy that obviously reflect our way of interpreting diving.

We well know how some choice  can “divide” and, by the way, unlike other products we do not intend to be absolutists … I correct myself on one thing we are absolutely confident that, a BCD should be engineered and designed to guarantee the diver comfort and efficiency in the TRIM control, that’s why we do not consider a jacket model BCD an efficient diving equipment.  Without this premise, if you are looking for a “jacket” YOU ARE  IN THE WRONG SITE.

What are the peculiarities of our trim compensators? Designed with the head, made with love in Italy with heart materials.

I know, I’m a fucking cocky guy, but it’s just like that, I don’t have frills and frills to describe the products.

I can say this because we talk about craft products and there is not one that has not passed through my hands.

Back PLATES with exclusive design in aisi316 stainless steel, hand polished or black Peraluman anodized 20 micron, stainless steel aisi 316 D-ring of our own production, custom HHT polyester tape made to our specifications, high quality Cordura fabric, Kevlar or innovative materials such as the Keprotec. Materials processing techniques designed to last over time.

232bar PLANAR backplate available in AISI316 or Peraluman, harness made with 50mm tape in HHT polyester, aisi 316 stainless steel hardware, K-style power inflator.

– 35lb WING  for exclusive use in single-cylinder configuration

– 45lb WING for exclusive use in a bi-cylinder max 15 + 15 configuration

IWF TECREC 20 anatomic backrest made of Cordura fabric , adjustable shoulder straps with Fastex system, possibility of inserting a steel backplate or Peraluman, WING with elastic, configurable for bi-cylinder.

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